Hopi Ear Candles

hopi ear candle treatment

Hopi ear candle treatment

Do you suffer from sinusitis or ear and nose congestion? Hopi ear candle treatment can help relieve stress and discomfort. Contact  Aromassage Therapies for treatments in Wantage.

Holistic treatment of nose and throat congestion

Hopi ear candling is an effective, natural therapy which has been used in many cultures since ancient times. It is now a popular therapy used to treat ear and sinus problems. Hopi ear candle treatment aims to balance pressures within the ear and sinus areas. This treatment is safe and non-invasive. Combined with a sinus clearing facial to complete, this treatment is relaxing and comforting.
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What is ear candling used to treat?

• Sinusitis
• Ear and nose congestion
• Build-up of ear wax
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It is ideal for all ages

Hopi ear candle treatment is completed with a gentle massage that seeks to drain the sinuses and stimulate the acupressure points. This treatment is ideal for individuals of all ages and is especially beneficial for children and the elderly.
10% off first treatment

30 minutes from £20

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For Hopi ear candle treatment in Wantage, call the specialist at Aromassage Therapies.
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