Indian Head Massage

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Indian head massage 

Visit Aromassage Therapies for a truly invigorating Indian head massage. Call me today. I cater to customers in the Wantage area.

Ancient Ayurvedic healing treatment

Indian head massage is based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system, which incorporates mind, body and spirit. A combination of pressures and massage rhythms are applied throughout the cranium, shoulders, neck and back. The purpose is to increase blood flow while stimulating the scalp area, leaving you feeling amazing. It is a relaxing therapy which is both safe and can be very effective in relieving headaches and pains. At Aromassage Therapies, I use a range of different massage pressures to stimulate the problem areas in your body.
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How may it benefit you?

• By relieving restlessness
• By helping you relax, which can aid you in getting to sleep
• By treating persistent headaches
• Improved blood circulation to the scalp
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Meeting your requirements

Indian head massage is a great treatment, but is it suitable for you? Talk to me and I'll advise you on the best method of therapy for your requirements. 
10% off first treatment

45-minute massage - from £25

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Indian head massage
For Indian head massage in Wantage, call the massage therapist at Aromassage Therapies.
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